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A few friends have told me that once in their lives they heard, unmistakably heard, the voice of God speak to them. Clear as day, not a muffled whisper, let alone an impressive phenomenon of mind. I had one of those experiences, too. At a critical time in my life, from the nucleus of my being came the divine voice saying “I love you.” God’s “I love you” is communicated to each of us each day, by virtue of the very presence of the Father’s spirit gift of love dwelling within us. I do not know whether I will ever again hear this voice so clearly and distinctly in this life; but I have made up my mind to listen more. I believe that the spirit of God within me is trying to communicate to me through the thickness of my material mind. I believe that God has a message every day, maybe every hour and every minute for every individual. I believe that God also has messages for our world. And I believe that that if we have the supreme desire to do so, we can develop our capacity of receptivity and achieve better communication with his spirit within us.

So today I started anew. I realized that I had spent too much time praying for myself, so I tried to imagine what God might want to communicate to our world. I tried to attune to possibilities, to get my mind up to speed, with enough rpm, revolutions per minute, to come closer to synchronizing with the wavelength of the divine broadcast. During my morning communion time, I found myself becoming more attentive, for longer, and able to return to my attentiveness after my mind had wandered for a while. I discerned nothing. But I counted the improved attentiveness as success.

Here are my imaginings.

Enjoy the privilege of cooperating in the cosmic process of evolution that reaches out from Paradise perfection with divine truth, beauty, and goodness; love, mercy, and ministry; and justice, power, and sovereignty.

The unsettled condition of your world is a prelude to a magnificent destiny in which every person’s right to say yes or no to God is upheld. In that settled condition, the life of truth and the light of the spirit will reign supreme.

God’s mercy allows sinners abundant opportunities to turn from their harmful ways.

Behind the scenes, powerful forces of the kingdom of God operate, especially in times of crisis, to limit the destructiveness of our blunders in world management. The true gospel of Jesus, the core spiritual truth that he lived and proclaimed, will one day rule this very world.

The rebellion against God is expressed by the denial of the reality of God and by deliberate disobedience to the will of God. We glimpse the rebellion in the Genesis story of the devil ensnaring Adam and Eve, and failing to ensnare Jesus of Nazareth during the temptation in the wilderness. Glimpses may be found in other scriptures as well. That rebellion is destroying itself by its very outworking. Hardened rebels against the kingdom of God who forever and finally reject divine mercy are eventually brought to judgment and annihilated. It is our privilege to reach out to today’s souls who are lost, hurt, torn, or rebellious, so that they may know the goodness of God and find their true home in his family.

And finally, this is the whole duty of man: To love God with all our heart, and with all our mind, and with all our soul, and with all our strength. And to love the neighbor as oneself.

Photo credit: By Bill Branson (Photographer)  https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=24047536