Welcome to my new website, universalfamily.org! From here I will henceforth be sending forth blog posts and making public other items of interest.

Today we need a chorus of voices proclaiming the message of the universal family—the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man—in whatever words truly fit our discoveries and other’s receptivity. Core spiritual truth comprises themes of love, worship, service, doing the will of God, his indwelling spirit, being and becoming like God, faith, and more. The world is waiting for the living spiritual reality of this many-sided message.

Do we sometimes find ourselves slipping? Does the world on occasion just seem crazy? Does some of that insanity ever start to invade us? Our world does suffer from cosmic insanity, which may or may not manifest itself in clinical, psychological insanity.

We know the underlying causes of present downward trends: the fear and anger, the selfishness and materialism, the rebelliousness and impatience, the superficiality and thoughtlessness, the hectic intensity and accelerating chaos. These personal factors underlie the ecological, social, economic, and political difficulties that this generation faces.

A New Yorker cartoon from decades ago showed a spaceship that had landed. In front of it stood a couple of friendly aliens, looking very much like physicians, with stethoscopes around their necks. The astonished man asked them, “You treat whole planets?”

The cure for our world involves many dimensions with projects on material, intellectual, and spiritual dimensions. But the leadership and teamwork needed to undertake that reconstruction will not become effective until we have a world-wide moral and spiritual renaissance. Only then will the average level of materialism and selfishness recede enough for the forces of progress to take hold with adequate power.

Spiritual men and women are aware of invisible forces that are working to limit the downward trends and bolster the upward trends. If we follow our inner guidance, and preserve our calm and joy and laughter in the face of the storm, then we will the better align with the work of our unseen friends.

For now, we look forward in whole-souled faith to the time of the tipping point, the awakening which can in a single generation turn our planetary ship in a new direction. We keep the truth alive until that brighter day. Jesus has shown us the way. We will do our part. We will rise above our fears, doubts, skepticism, cynicism, anger. We will open ourselves to receive the love of the God whose spirit dwells within us. We will love him with everything we have and are. And we will learn to love even unlovely humans. Our embrace of truth, our staying refreshed by beauty, and our devotion to divine goodness will enable us to enjoy the blessings of sanity, cosmic sanity, so that we may serve with distinction in this life and look forward confidently to the next chapter in the eternal adventure.


Photo credit: http://mrg.bz/O78iGx HandReach by penywise