Spiritual experience

Two myths about spiritual experience

  1. Spiritual experience can be enjoyed only by people who are specially gifted.
  2. Spiritual experience becomes totally clear when you commit yourself 100% to the right teaching or Person and go with your intuition.

Fact: Every person has the capacity for spiritual experience and can develop this capacity further. It begins naturally in childhood. Our Father’s spirit is within us, and that means that we can know him. We can experience the high values that guide the heart and help us grow.

Fact: People can be mistaken in the interpretation of their own experience, so we do well to remember some wisdom considerations regarding centering, communing with God as a friend, prayer, and worship. The human mind is so intertwined with the body that brain chemistry helps to shape most of our experience. Psychological and social factors also play a role. The divine spirit gift of the Father’s presence mysteriously dwells within, but we should not forget that the nature of the spirit of God utterly transcends the nature of our material mind. We need to reach high for the spirit (or find spirit as our center). Many people who pray for a knowledge of the will of God unthinkingly accept the feelings or thoughts that come into their mind as coming from God; they do not discipline themselves in the ways of a thorough prayer process. Wisdom about discernment keeps us teachable; but it does not imprison us in a tentative attitude as we wholeheartedly and persistently venture to

seek and find and choose and do the will of God.

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