Scientific living in a friendly universe

“Friendly universe? Do you watch the news? If we live scientifically is there any room for God?”

Reasons to regard the universe as friendly come from every domain of truth, beauty, and goodness. Science begins in everyday experience as we exercise our capacity to grasp facts accurately and discover true causes. Cosmology introduces us to basic constants, facts, and laws of physics that make energy and matter dependable, understandable, and work-with-able. The universe supports life, and biology teaches us ways of healthy living. Psychology has discovered much to aid personal growth. The lessons of history give cause for concern about the present state of the world, but they also give evidence that supports hope for a planetary spiritual renaissance.

The truths of science bestow their full blessing when respected in the light of the Creator whose laws guide daily living.

Here’s a link to the first chapter of my new book, Living in Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, which directly addresses those questions and more in sections on cosmology, biology, psychology, and the future history of the world.

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