Philosophical living from intuition through reason to wisdom

In daily life we usually need to trust that we intuitively understand the facts of our situation and that our values have practical implications that are immediately obvious. But sometimes we find that we need to step back, slow down, and think. That’s when the quest for wisdom can get our attention for a while. To do a good job in the quest, we need more than a proverb or a wise saying. We need to reflect on the meaning of the relevant facts and values.

In today’s philosophical chaos, one-sided perspectives are popular, whether science-centered, cultural-humanistic, or religious. Wisdom integrates insights from all three perspectives. We can sharpen our capacity for intuition in all these realms. We can learn the logic of these realms and develop our ever-growing wisdom synthesis.

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The Easy Version

Too busy to read the book? Here are one-page summaries of the three parts and the seven chapters, which enable you to participate with pleasure and progress.

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Planetary Crisis Overview

Religion, by itself, is not adequate to the challenge, because religion can insist on unhelpful beliefs and act foolishly. And wisdom by itself lacks the power to transform a nation and a planet. But when religion is joined to wisdom, hope emerges anew.

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Two phases of creation, two ways of relating

Learning to love another person is so much easier when we conceive of our creation in two phases. On the one hand, the Creator God has designed an awesome, long drawn-out, gradual process of evolution. Our body and mind are products of this evolution. On the other hand, the Universal Father acts directly, bestowing on each mind-body system a unique personality with a spirit nucleus (“the spirit poured out upon all flesh,” “the kingdom of God within you”).

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Wiser crisis decisions

How can philosophy assist in decision-making in response to planetary crises—ecological, social, economic, and political? By helping to integrate scientific realism with spiritual idealism and helping to shape the debate: bringing high quality thinking to bear, well-informed and carefully reasoned; promoting the understanding of intellectual diversity; and pruning errors in reasoning.

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Hope—between despair and radiant assurance

Hope occupies a place on the spectrum of confidence ranging from despair to radiant assurance. Despair implies that hope has vanished. Radiant assurance is beyond hope, which implies a degree of uncertainty.

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From emotion through value to worship

From sweets to saints, various attractions fill the mind. Diverse values activate emotional responses that are sometimes disordered. A lesson from psychology helps us order our value-responses gloriously. . . .

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Ten truths of philosophy

If we want to base our lives on truth, many of us think mainly of truth in the spiritual sense; but the truth of God is all encompassing. Cosmic truth includes also the truths of science,

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