The universal family

From the heights of truth, through meadows of beauty, to waters of goodness

Chauffeuring the spirit

Like a chauffeur who drives a dignitary around here and there, so that the dignitary may function and manifest, our first duty and privilege is to facilitate the entry of the beautiful, indwelling spirit into action.

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The Easy Version

Too busy to read the book? Here are one-page summaries of the three parts and the seven chapters, which enable you to participate with pleasure and progress.

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Weaving truth, beauty, and goodness with love, mercy, and ministry

A year ago I published Living in Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. That book culminated my first career as a philosopher. I devoted that career to helping to construct a new philosophy of living based on truth, beauty, and goodness. And then I was called to a new career based on love, mercy, and ministry. The first career emphasized meaning and value. The second one emphases connecting with deity.

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