A soldier who had seen enemy soldiers kill her friends could not accept the idea that all humankind are the children of God. Are the teachings of Jesus really applicable in this world? Intellectually I agree with the golden rule that if I were part of an army bent on conquest, raping, killing, and reducing cities to rubble, then if I could be stopped in no other way, I want to be killed. But intuitively war is a gross violation of the golden rule.

Off the battlefield, it is good to extend a measure of trust. If I’m in a situation where I feeling insecure and ambivalent about how treat others, for example, if I am an immigrant in a country where I am regarded with suspicion and resentment, it can make all the difference to meet a strong, positive, beneficent person whose ministry banishes fear and destroys anxiety. Treating people with positive expectations has proven benefits. Yes, wise trust grows gradually. And real love includes being alert, strong, and ready to speak up when serious error is spoken or evil done. But God-knowing persons trust now that eventually divine love will rule this world, and we can embrace wise love and an intelligent application of the golden rule now to help bring closer the future era of peace and liberty. We can treat all persons as who they truly are.

Credits: By IbRasmussen – Detail from Image:Vor Frue Kirke Copenhagen altar.jpg, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1859520