In a workshop given in Budapest, Hungary, by Jeffrey Wattles on September 16, 2016, there emerged a new group of persons committed to the gospel movement.

The phrase “spiritual solidarity” was used for two reasons: first, to recall the Solidarity movement of Polish shipyard workers, whose courageous persistence in the face of powerful opposition led to the peaceful end of communist government in Poland in 1989-90; and second, to mark the distinction between a political movement and a spiritual movement.

Today in Europe and elsewhere, ecological, social, economic, and political problems threaten planetary progress. But Jesus leads us all to be active on some level in the gospel movement, which leads to the eternal transformation of individuals and also holds the key to a new civilization.

The following principles are proposed to help channel our efforts productively.

Jesus’ many-sided gospel of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man is our central teaching. This dual concept embraces facts and truths which are expressed in various ways. The many-sidedness of this core teaching embraces additional themes, including the spirit of God within, love and mercy, worship and service, joy and liberty, the will of God, and becoming like God.

In the hope of reducing the danger of fanaticism, we remember that our lives speak louder than our words. The gospel is to be applied in daily life, and such application goes best under the guidance of a philosophy of living. This philosophy is distinct from theology, which is tied to a particular book of scripture and to a particular religious community.

This new group is informal. It has no official membership, and does not even have a name. It is but one of many groups working for personal and planetary spiritual transformation.

Glory to the Universal Father!

JHW, Stow, Ohio, September 21, 2016


Image credit: “High Noon: June 4, 1989,” Solidarity Citizens’ Election Poster by Thomasz Sarnecki