You decide to get a better handle on your life. You need to simplify, slow down, and get in touch with your intuition of basic reality—matter, mind, and spirit. You have moved in this direction in the past, but today is beckoning you to make a commitment.

You know that when things get hectic, what you take for intuition is sometimes unreliable. You want to get to a deeper level, a level of soul.

Today you begin anew, and you find yourself better able to focus with concentration and patience on the task immediately in hand. You pay attention to the proper sequence of things. If a new problem pops up, you do what needs to be done before you can properly go on to the next step of the task. You may even faintly sense that you are applying a cosmic principle in doing so.

Yes, there are distractions. The lower levels of conscious and unconscious mind assert themselves, and sometimes you have to pull yourself up out of a ditch. Transformation is not going to be accomplished quickly. It’s about gaining new habits. And a new habit takes several weeks to form.

But there are a few really nice moments. Something comes naturally that used to involve struggle. Was it the decision you made? Was there enough power in that decision to connect with the uplifting mercy of the spirit of God?

You allow a positive emotion to blossom. Rather than cutting it off when it is starting to grow, you give it room, even moved into thanksgiving. Maybe the next time or the time after that, it will go all the way into worship.

You think: How many people are doing the same thing, learning to transform the daily life by such decisions? How many use spiritual practices, trying to connect with the spirit a little more? How many dozens in your town, thousands in your area, millions in this world?

Perhaps if we believed in each other more, if we realized that there is a large family of sincere, God-knowing people out there, then we would enjoy more power than we think we have, have a greater sense of mission, and more love to give tomorrow.

Thank you for accompanying me today. It’s good to be back in touch.