The laws of this universe come from somewhere and from someone. The Creator reveals himself, so we can know him, receive his love, and love him in return.

God is our Father, and we are his sons and daughters; and to live as a member of his family is to live the truth.

Are you implying that I have to call God “Father”? No. Choose a name that represents your relationship with the divine friend whose spirit dwells within. He is love, infinite love. And he honors the faith of people who chose different language and different concepts in their relation with him. But the soul satisfaction of the child-Parent relationship is available to anyone who wants it.

How can living the truth be expressed so simply? Starting from the center, the path opens up. Truth has a spiritual core, a scientific periphery, and a philosophical bridge between them. The Creator endows his children with a mind that can know—and decide to live in harmony with—truths of science, philosophy, and spiritual experience. Following the spirit leads into all truth.

How can we live the truth? Go forward with God, and solve problems as they arise. Truth has a pervading quality of simplicity which illuminates the whole of life. We figure out connections between cause and effect. We come to see our duty, make a personal and wholehearted moral decision, launch our course of action, and accomplish it. Increasingly, in our relationships with everyone, we learn to let love be our motivation.

Living the truth is largely a matter of whether our center of gravity has shifted from the material plane to the spiritual plane. Of course we are largely material beings who need to spend much of our time taking care of material things; but the difference is how we do these things, with what attitude and purpose. Sincere seeking opens the door for us to receive the gift of transformation, spiritual rebirth, salvation, which frees us from being held captive by material concerns and liberates us to join the spiritual family of God.

So what exactly do you mean by “universal family”? The concept of the universal family has two levels of meaning. First, God creates everyone, loves everyone, invites everyone into the way of life, and pours out his spirit upon everyone. In that factual sense everyone is already in the universal family, already a son or daughter of God. But for that fact to become truth in our lives, we must recognize and embrace it in faith and trust. This is how we join the Father’s spiritual family, the universal family in the higher sense. God’s spirit within can’t do much for us until we begin to cooperate. So on the level of fact, the term “universal family” includes everyone. On the level of truth, it includes every person of faith. And here is the amazing thing: whoever embraces the first level of fact thereby moves into the second level of truth!

The most joyous thing about living the truth is that we can. Divine transformation liberates us from obsessing about our incomplete growth. The Creator is also a dependable upholder, overflowing with mercy. We do not need to be advanced in science, philosophy, and spirituality in order to thrive as a beginner, to get active on all levels, and become balanced as we grow into the beautiful wholeness of righteousness. God’s welcome mat is on the front door. Step up with faith. The ceiling is gloriously high, and the floor where all must humbly enter is low.

All these things and more are revealed in the life and teachings of Jesus.


Photo Credit: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/c/c8/Autumn_mountain_trail.jpg/1200px-Autumn_mountain_trail.jpg