The gospel movement just got stronger. The gospel movement lives by the saving, refreshing, illuminating, living reality of a central galaxy of spiritual truths. The core truths of the family of God are on a level by themselves. Religion stands above all other realms of culture and life–and yet not independent of them: in our day to day experience, the various realms are interwoven. So gospel truth is surrounded by a complementary cluster of themes that empower your full life in God. That double cluster is found uniquely in the new book; and it is reflected in this website and its ancestor,

Our thinking, feeling, and doing are intertwined, and they transpire in an environment of values: truth, beauty, and goodness. To make these values concrete, the book traces a sevenfold path of themes: science, philosophy, spiritual experience, beauties of nature and the arts, morality and character.

A well-developed philosophy of living in truth, beauty, and goodness is conceptually needed by philosophy, practically needed by religion and spirituality . . . and nowhere to be found until now.

I wish you could see Living in Truth, Beauty, and Goodness in front of you and feel it in your hand as I did today for the first time. The image does not do it justice.

I wish you could sample the biographical profiles which, if excerpted, would make a best seller all by themselves. So far, most people’s favorites are the profile on John Muir and the beauties of nature and the one on Darwin and the virtues of scientific living. I think the great strength is the gathering together of all of them, centered in the one on Jesus of Nazareth.

The emphasis is practical: how to live these values. The book is not a monograph for scholars, but a handbook for people who want to grow.

At the present time, you can only order it directly from the publisher. It will be on their website in two weeks, so now you need to contact them via Customer Service: phone (541-344-1528), fax (541-344-1506) or email ( List price is $31.00. The hardcover and the Kindle version are now at Amazon, and the paperback will be available there sometime in the next few weeks.

Ingram: in 4 weeks

Please enjoy a growing comprehension of the divine values of truth, beauty, and goodness—qualities of the eternal God that we can live.