Sometimes I allow myself to get caught up in an unbeautiful emotion, one that does not fit the truth of the situation, and is not dominated by goodness. At such times, I have allowed some secondary material value or intellectual value to eclipse my loyalty to spiritual values. But I am learning to respond to this disorder by bringing to mind a recent discovery: God is the reality of values.

If I turn to God in this way when I become emotionally entangled, I find a quiet, reordering refuge. Each of our basic emotions serves an evolutionary function and has its proper expression in certain types of situation. But a value that is out of place is put in its place by God. The lower value is not denied, but graciously embraced in a larger totality of values in which divine reality prevails. Sometimes the process is prompt and decisive; at other times it is gradual and mostly beyond human awareness.

Values are plural, but the reality of values is singular, a unity. Contemplating this unity facilitates rest. Without technique or recourse to an intellectual system, communion allows harmony to be restored.

One benefit that comes from knowing God as the reality of values is that we can recognize more readily when the matchless personality of our God our Father is acting through his spirit within. When we feel an incoming wave of awareness of divine value—a unified truth-beauty-goodness blend—we may recognize that the personal God is revealing his lovable nature, and we can learn to participate in this divine flow by spontaneous worship.

2.27.2017. The Angry Penguin image was made public on Wikimedia Commons by its creators, Swantje Hess and Jannis Pohlman.

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