The inclusive brotherhood of man?

A soldier who had seen enemy soldiers kill her friends could not accept the idea that all humankind are the children of God. Are the teachings of Jesus really applicable in this world?

Divine positive attitudes

Problems are more likely to be overwhelming when multiple kinds of problem are tangled together: uncertainty, disappointment, apparent defeat, the sheer difficulty of what is to be done, the immensity of the task, and the inexplicable in a situation. How do you learn the matching positive attitudes?

Truth and the Wrayco workers

  This morning around four, I found myself caught up in the jet stream of gospel energy, re-connecting with that feeling that I knew from decades ago when I began going forth to proclaim. Choosing to act on that surge of loving truth, I went back to Wrayco (see...

The creation of the soul

What does it mean that we are divinely created? God creates us through a three-fold process: first, through cosmic evolution leading to the body and mind; second, by acting directly to bestow a unique personality upon that body-mind system and to send his spirit to dwell within us; and third, by creating the soul. But what is the soul? How can we recognize it in our experience? And what part do we play in its growth?

Two phases of creation, two ways of relating

Learning to love another person is so much easier when we conceive of our creation in two phases. On the one hand, the Creator God has designed an awesome, long drawn-out, gradual process of evolution. Our body and mind are products of this evolution. On the other hand, the Universal Father acts directly, bestowing on each mind-body system a unique personality with a spirit nucleus (“the spirit poured out upon all flesh,” “the kingdom of God within you”).

Vacations that teach insight

Vacations! During World War I around Christmas time, 1914, a series of unofficial cease-fires occurred, and German, British, and French troops sang Christmas hymns and fraternized together. Next, consider lyrics from “Singing in the Rain”: “I’m singin’ in...

Vacations: Autumn Arrangements

Vacations are part of that dimension of life that I call walking in beauty. Research indicates that we typically go back to work after a vacation, and after three weeks it is as though we had never gone on vacation at all. But a true vacation should discover new ways to abide ever more joyously in the divinely beautiful dimension of life that is always there if we sincerely, wholeheartedly, and persistently seek it.

Wiser crisis decisions

How can philosophy assist in decision-making in response to planetary crises—ecological, social, economic, and political? By helping to integrate scientific realism with spiritual idealism and helping to shape the debate: bringing high quality thinking to bear, well-informed and carefully reasoned; promoting the understanding of intellectual diversity; and pruning errors in reasoning.

Hope—between despair and radiant assurance

Hope occupies a place on the spectrum of confidence ranging from despair to radiant assurance. Despair implies that hope has vanished. Radiant assurance is beyond hope, which implies a degree of uncertainty.