Weaving truth, beauty, and goodness with love, mercy, and ministry

A year ago I published Living in Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. That book culminated my first career as a philosopher. I devoted that career to helping to construct a new philosophy of living based on truth, beauty, and goodness. And then I was called to a new career based on love, mercy, and ministry. The first career emphasized meaning and value. The second one emphases connecting with deity.

New beginning

You decide to get a better handle on your life. You need to simplify, slow down, and get in touch with your intuition of basic reality—matter, mind, and spirit. You have moved in this direction in the past, but today is beckoning you to make a commitment.

Chauffeuring the spirit

Like a chauffeur who drives a dignitary around here and there, so that the dignitary may function and manifest, our first duty and privilege is to facilitate the entry of the beautiful, indwelling spirit into action.

Getting to Square One

Each person’s journey is unique, as thinking, feeling, and doing interweave, enabling one concept to ripen and then another, until a person is ready for a larger insight. The beauty of it all that that one person’s path through the logic of interconnected spiritual concepts and their personal realization cannot serve as a pattern for another person to imitate.

Family and Character

Wanna become like God? It is likely that you will find a joyously abundant treasure trove of relevant lessons by looking back on the struggles of growing up, romantic adventures, marriage and child-rearing, caring for aging parents, and present relationships with immediate family and extended family.

Prayer between Worship and Service

Recently I have been praying for the extension of the kingdom of God, the family of God, and inviting others to do so. After a while, my prayer was so filled with cosmic meaning and divine assurance that again and again it moved easily and spontaneously into worship.

Cosmology Centered

I find it stabilizing to orient myself with respect to a few places that I find meaningful. One of them is akin to a pilgrimage site; another one is comparable. But the third one is in the sky, near Saggitarius: it is called the Great Attractor.

Planetary Crisis Overview

Religion, by itself, is not adequate to the challenge, because religion can insist on unhelpful beliefs and act foolishly. And wisdom by itself lacks the power to transform a nation and a planet. But when religion is joined to wisdom, hope emerges anew.

Using Spiritual Force

A little while later, Bruce asked God, “How can I change my bad habits?” And the reply came back that he should accomplish that just as he had broken those hard pieces of wood.

Ungainly Flapping

Ungainly flapping. Only in mercy so thick could I take flight. Heavy heron wings, moving slowly—why would any flock of birds follow? Yet I fly to you unconcerned. By you, with you, and in you, I dive into the water, having glimpsed a fish and heard: “Come to me, all you who labor and are heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.”