Born in Chicago in 1945, Jeff Wattles is a philosopher, author, teacher, presenter, preacher, and singer-songwriter. During his professional career, he pioneered an experiential approach to education in meaning and value through growth-promoting, project-centered courses in philosophy and religion. His previous website, ANewPhilosophyOfLiving.com pioneered the synthesis presented in this website, which offers a heightened emphasis on core spiritual truths.

Jeff’s mission is to promote the realization of the universal family—the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. He encourages everyone to use the language that fits their discovery of the Creator whose spirit lives within. He is applying his philosophy of living to create a new approach to evangelism centered on the heart of Jesus’ life and teachings.

Jeff’s core values are truth, beauty, and goodness.

Jeff is looking for gigs. He has preached or conducted worship on approximately 90 occasions, and he is experienced in various methods of outreach including street ministry, street preaching and going door-to-door. Interacting spontaneously with those he meets in the gym and elsewhere, he finds quick, positive response and many opportunities for sparkling conversation. He is now pursuing a deepened commitment to ministry.

Among his other interests are getting to know people, keeping up with international news, world history, yoga and working out at Kent State University’s Student Recreation and Wellness Center, the Japanese culture of his wife Hagiko (their son Ben works in Tokyo), and the arts of the world from ancient civilizations to the anticipations of the arts of the coming spiritual renaissance. Jeff is a classical piano player, a guitarist (all acoustic styles), and a singer-songwriter rejoicing in God. He used to enjoy speed skating and horseback riding and dreams of re-activating those interests, even in this life.

Contact Jeff: jeff@universalfamily.org