One of my favorite things to say to people: You are a divinely created, infinitely loved, spiritually indwelt, evolutionary, free-will son or daughter of God. I usually end my podcast episodes with this assurance. But what does the word “evolutionary” mean here? That each of us is a child of nature and a child of God, and that evolution—including the origin, history, and destiny of the cosmos, biological evolution, personal growth, and planetary progress—are all part of the Creator’s process for inviting us to become spirit-led. When I say that you are an “evolutionary” child of God I intend to do three things: Remind you of your imperfections (and mine, too—smile); invite you to develop a concept of God’s tremendous and wonderful plan for your growth in this life and beyond; and encourage you to contribute to evolution by biologically responsible living.

Photo of Elie Wiesel, one of the spiritual teachers of our time